Metals & Minerals

The metals and minerals industry is one of the most important industries in the world. It is because almost every other industry, be it Infrastructure, transportation, construction, health, FMCG entertainment, electricity, education etc. is dependent on the metals and minerals mining industry for the procurement of raw materials.

The increasing population around the world coupled with rapid globalization and industrialisation has resulted in urbanization of countries which has exponentially increased the need for infrastructure and other metals and minerals related products. This increase in need has further increased the job opportunities. This industry requires a lot of skilled  and talented individuals which has given rise to many metals  and minerals staffing services.

Indian metals and minerals industry is one of the largest in the world. Currently, India is the third largest producer of coal. Coal production in the country stood at 729.10 million tonnes (MT) in FY20 and reached 55.42 MT in FY21 (till April 2020). Also, it ranks fourth in terms of iron ore production globally and has around eight per cent of the world’s iron ore deposits. It also became the world’s second largest crude steel producer in 2019 with production at 111.2 MT.

As a strong but volatile outlook for the sector, the mining, metals, and minerals industry is focused on future growth through expanded production, without losing sight of operational efficiency and cost optimization. They are some of the core sectors that contribute a major chunk to the infrastructure development of the country. These sectors are also faced with the increased challenges in the form of shortage of skilled personnel, effectively executing capital projects and meeting government revenue expectations etc.

This shortage has created a strong need for specialized recruitment experts. This is where our metal  and minerals staffing services come into play. With the rising demand for skilled and talented professionals in the field of metals and minerals recruitment, the need for specialized metal and minerals staffing services also arises. To cater to this growing demand of skilled professionals, Aarvi Encon’s metals and mineral recruitment solutions are positioned as one of the best in the field.

With our extensive experience in the field of metals and minerals recruitment combined with our global reach and a wide client base, we provide you with the ideal candidates with the right qualifications and skill set, and who can help you deliver quality work within the stipulated time.

Our specialized team of metal and minerals staffing services experts is experienced in sourcing talented professionals across various categories for Plant sites and offices. We have deployed Engineers, Technicians, and Plant Operators during Project, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Assistance, and Operations and Maintenance phases.

We can also provide skilled manpower support for Safety Supervision, Inspection, Material Handling etc.

Our Clients

We have been providing metal & minerals staffing services to some of the biggest names in the Steel and cement sector in India, which include:

JSPL, FL Smith, Tata Consulting Engineers, Dalmia Cement among others are some of the important clients of Aarvi Encon.