India is majorly an agrarian economy and depends a lot upon agriculture. Due to which, the fertilizer and pesticides industry is a rapidly growing sector. According to an estimate, the Indian fertilizer market is set to witness a growth of around 12% in the upcoming 5 years. With its huge population and agricultural industry, India is the second-largest consumer of fertilizers in the world with an annual consumption of more than 55 million metric tons.

The growing population, increase in consumption, and the growth in economy, the agriculture sector in India is witnessing an unprecedented growth. This exponential growth is necessary to keep up with the demands of the rising populace and economy. As with any growing economy, the manufacturers are adopting the latest technologies and advanced processes to keep up with the growing demand of the sector. As a result, the fertilizer industry is growing by leaps and bounds as more farmers are looking to grow more crops faster, to keep up with the huge demand.

This break-neck pace of growth has led to a dearth of skilled individuals in the sector. The sector requires highly-skilled and talented employees to fill the positions and meet the stipulated growth demands. However, on the bright side, this has also given a rise to a number of employment opportunities. Finding a skilled individual who meets all the criteria of an organization is not easy, and hence a number of recruitment agencies have stepped into the field of fertilizer staffing.

Despite a number of players offering fertilizer staffing services, only a few established ones can really fulfill the demands of the clients and provide them with qualified, talented individuals.

Aarvi Encon, with its decades of experience and expertise has established itself as a leading player in the fertilizer staffing sector and has been providing fertilizer staffing services to multiple projects like Chambal Fertilizer, Coromondal Fertilizer, GSFC, GNFC. Our only motto is to provide the best fertilizer staffing services to our clients.

Aarvi Encon, as a leading fertilizer staffing agency of the country has deployed following categories of executives.

       • Construction Engineers, 

       • Inspection, 

       • Safety Engineers, 

       • Shutdown Engineers 

       • Commissioning Engineers 

This deployment to companies is done directly or through EPC companies like L and T and Toyo, as per their project requirements.

We have also been providing staffing assistance to some of the biggest names in the industry. We have been associated with GSFC and GNFC and provided fertilizer staffing services for their requirement of Shutdown engineers and Lab Technicians..

Why Aarvi? 

Aarvi Encon is one of the biggest specialized recruitment agencies in the country. We are one of the leading fertilizer staffing service providers in the country. Our team of domain experts and recruitment specialists make sure that you hire only those professionals who are not just qualified, but also the best fit for your team. We also customize our solutions to cater the specific requirements of our clients. 

We also have engineers with specialized experience in large Compressors, Rotary Equipments, and Tankages.