How to get jobs in Middle East

No, we shall not give you the general age old advices about how you should prepare your resume and attach a cover letter introducing yourself. But this is about the way to find jobs and attract employers in Middle East to hire you. This is not similar to finding jobs in Europe or USA. On an average it has been found that a job aspirant must engage a year’s time in doing his/ her research work before getting placed in a well reputed organization. The most lucrative jobs in Middle East countries are those which involve investment of sovereign wealth funds or other government entities. These contracts are government based and hence it gives more cash at the end of the day.

When searching for jobs in Middle East you should have a rough idea about the split of pay.

The salary will be distributed into basic salary figure, transport allowance, housing allowance, end of service gratuity and flights to home town. Most counties in Middle East are tax free zones. U.A.E. is one of those countries which are tax free. Depending upon which country you originally belong to you can save a lot on taxes. But if you are looking for more cash, then most probably the international companies will disappoint you since they pay you lesser significantly in comparison to government jobs.

Keep a check on the countries of Middle East that pay the highest salaries.

UAE tops the chart followed by Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The latter country shows some fluctuating characteristics when it comes to giving salary. Sometime it pays the highest and sometimes it pays the lowest salaries. Though countries like Jordan and Oman is vey tourist friendly and attractive but not very lucrative when it comes to offering jobs since they are struggling with their own economy. It is a good idea to avoid countries like Syria as it is under political unrest. Kuwait is also a good option but if you have a job with low salary then this place with its stringent rules and dry ambiance can turn out to be quite a struggle to manage.

Start short listing the big shots once you have fixed your countries.

Suppose if you are a power or energy enthusiast you should focus on companies like TAQA, The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company. If you wish to pursue a career in oil sector you should consider companies like ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) or ENEC (Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation). If you dream a career in manufacturing or investment then you can go for Tawazun Holding. All the above mentioned companies are sure to give a good exposure in the field of project financing, corporate development units or internal advisory. They are sure to give a good push to your career.

It is a good idea to research on the political, geographical background of the countries before you step into the Middle East region.

After making a strong LinkedIn profile and a cover letter, you need to research about the job agencies’ sector wise operation in these countries. For example if you wish to pursue a career in Power sector take a look at the job agencies that particularly show jobs meant for that field. It is not necessary that it will show you jobs matching your profile but then you will have an idea about the agency’s area of operation.

Lastly I would wrap up by suggesting that please do not waste your energy and morale by shooting resumes aimlessly in any Middle East companies in the hope of hearing from them and having an experience of an interview. It feels really disappointing to be turned down. So do a small study about the markets in the Middle East region and read about their culture and outlook before you step into the interview room. You can just not afford to hurt their sentiments and opinions in the frenzy of finding a job for yourself in the Middle East. It has a plethora of opportunities so learn it their way, do your research as suggested and then jump for the deal.