Here’s All You Need To Know About AarviEncon

AarviEncon was founded in 1987 by Virendra M. Sanghavi. From the beginning, our focus was on two major offerings namely, recruiting technical manpower and O&M (Operations and Management). Headquartered in Mumbai, Aarvi has spread its presence all over India in Chennai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, and Baroda. Aarvi is an ISO 9001:2015 and CRISIL SME – 1 certified organization.

1. About our clientele

Our unparalleled service has led to us building a client portfolio that is extremely diverse and well renowned. Our clients are spread over the engineering, renewable energy, rail, oil & gas, petrochemicals, LN/tank terminal, and many other sectors. Plus, AarviEnconhas over 135 clients which include the names of industry giants like L&T, HPCL, Dodsal, and Reliance.

2. Awards

Recognized for our ethical practices and excellence, AarviEnconhas won awards such as NOCIL Award (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers), HSE Excellence award (Cairn India Limited), India Business Excellence (Worldview Business Review) and the CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award (presented by late President Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam).

3. Achievements

In the financial year 2017-18, Aarvi witnesses a 14 percent increase in revenue and crossed the Rs. 175 crore mark. The organization plans to expand its business, clients, and sectors, apart from emphasizing international deputation. Currently, Aarvi has 4000 plus personnel working on their payroll, in India and internationally.

4. Benefits of Outsourcing

Executive Director of AarviEncon Ltd, Mr. Jaydev V. Sanghavi opines that outsourcing manpower has many benefits, however, the most important is that it provides access to companies to “well-trained engineering experts” thereby “reducing burden on internal manpower”. He also believes that Middle East is the region where oil and gas are concentrated and hence the number of vacancies and pay is higher.

5. Why outsource?

Given the nature of its projects, skilled manpower is required only for a short duration; hence outsourcing is the most economical decision. Moreover, outsourcing gives the flexibility of hiring multinationals for international projects. As Mr. Sanghavi rightly says, hiring a highly specialized and experienced engineer through the usual hiring process is difficult, whereas, with the guidance of outsourcing recruitment agents, one can access a larger talent pool. This also leads to a 20-25% growth of the company, by outsourcing instead of hiring permanently.

6. How outsourcing actually benefits the workforce

When engineers are hired on a project basis, they get to learn more in lesser time. It also gives them better exposure. AarviEnconhas discovered that most of India’s good engineers are not just from IIT or NIT, but from regional engineering colleges. Aarvi focuses on giving these engineers opportunities to work on multi-million dollar projects. In some cases, these outsourced engineers are hired by the company over a period of time. Doing so is advantageous to the company, engineer and Aarvi.

7. Benefits that Aarvi offers to the workman

Working on remote projects translates to staying away from the family. On completion of the project, these engineers take a break by visiting their hometown until they are ready for the next assignment. The net take-home salary is higher in such contract projects and the engineer receives benefits and insurance from the company. What’s more, they also get the flexibility of opting for projects closer to their family and residence.

AarviEncon offers multiple benefits to both the recruiters and prospective candidates as a technical manpower recruiting and outsourcing company. Connect with us here to know more about us and avail of the advantages that come with being a part of the AarviEncon community.