5 Mistakes That Job-Seekers Must Avoid While Job-Hunting

In today’s competitive hiring market, job seekers need to continuously upgrade themselves & learn from their mistakes to suit new job prospects.
So if you’re looking for a new job, or maybe just a better job, try to avoid these mistakes, to ensure your search is efficient and successful:

Mistake #1: Sending out generic cover letters and resumes
For the best results, you must understand the skills and qualifications required for the job, and tailor your resume to fit the position. It shows that you’ve taken the time to read the job description, and have put in some effort.

Mistake #2: Overstressing over the interview
Instead of worrying about it, do interview research in advance. Read everything you can about the organization. In the end remember, it’s just an interview, there’s no point in stressing yourself. Just try to be calm, & have faith in your preparation.

Mistake #3: Repeating your resume’s highlights during your interview
The interview is your chance to give concrete examples of your strengths within the job’s context. This is your chance to impress your prospective employers, so don’t just repeat what you’ve already mentioned in your resume. Tell and show how you’re able to handle competing demands.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to follow-up
Don’t forget to send a handwritten or e-mailed thank you note after the interview. It’s your opportunity to point out something you forgot to mention, reemphasize a skill or just thank the interviewer for the opportunity. If you don’t get the job, you might try asking for a brief 15-minute phone call to find out what you could’ve done differently and to state your interest in future opportunities.
After all, if you’re just lacking a skill, you may be able to correct it — and you’ve added that individual to your growing career network.

Mistake #5: Accepting the first offer, no matter the salary
Don’t just accept the job because they offered you one, go through the compensation package, the work culture, etc. Always remember to keep these points in mind while accepting an offer or you might regret your decision later.
Just avoid these basic mistakes & you’ll be able to land that dream job in no time.
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